Our custom training classes, unlike general classes,  are focused on your needs.  It is time well spent.

AGI offers comprehensive training for business mapping products.

A customized training class will “jump start” your business mapping project.   It will assist you with quickly maximizing your investment. You will spend more time creating your project and less time thumbing through the manual.

AGI provides customized MapInfo training to highlight the power of business mapping.  Course material is matched to the participant’s business mapping knowledge and tailored to focus on functionality that can help your business processes.  We typically split the course across days.  The first half covers basic mapping terms, statements, and functionality.  During the second half, students apply their new knowledge on a selected  business project.

We also provide training for our custom applications. These sessions increase your knowledge of desktop mapping concepts, product features and geographic analysis.

For custom applications, we provide a period of free technical assistance and offer three levels of customer support.

Key Benefits

  • Customized to your immediate requirements and skill levels.
  • Saves time and money by eliminating travel and related cost for your staff.
  • Splitting course across days allows for reduces “brain overload.”