For clients with a sales force, we offer sales force sizing, call and workload planning and field sales alignment.

How much time do you spend answering the following questions?

  • Where should I locate my salespeople to maximize their time spent with customers and prospects?
  • Where is my customer demand the highest?
  • How can I create a sales force constructed around reduced travel times and more compact territories?
  • How could I do “what-if” scenarios with my territorial structure?
  • How could I save management realignment restructuring costs?

We can provide these answers for you in minutes. Therefore, saving your valuable time to deal with other important issues—like the competition.

Our experience and expertise allows you to determine the characteristics of your best accounts. We assist you in determining the accounts with the best potential.

 Key Benefits

  • Create an 80% solution in 20% of the time
  • Balanced workloads for all territories
  • Allows your sales team to concentrate on their tasks