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MapMarker Plus-- The most accurate address matching software.

MapMarker Plus is MapInfo's premiere address matching product. It is the first step in mapping and analyzing business data to make more effective decisions.

Geocoding is the process of accurately assigns a latitude/longitude that represents the address.

MapMarker contains high quality, up-to-date data and a wealth of features that allows you to geocode your database the way you want. Combining automatic batch processing with the ability to match one record at a time with candidate visualization, MapMarker Plus will deliver improved match rates and higher geocoding accuracy.

MapMarker Plus is a well established analytical tool featured in applications designed for the telecommunications, health care, financial services, and insurance industries, as well as in applications for local, state, and federal governments.


Key Benefits

  • Fuzzy Search Logic
  • Candidate Visualization
  • Geocoding from many table types (additionally via ODBC)
  • Update Address fields with U.S. Postal Standards



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